Perfect Cartier Privé Collection Adds New Tank Asymétrique Replica Watches

The annual release of Cartier replica watches, the king of French watch and jewellery, is always eye-catching. A lot of discussions on the brand’s most famous version this year have focused on TankAsymétrique, a new limited-released series and the latest update of the Cartier Privé replica.

New TankAsymétrique Replica Watches

Looking closely at the dial of the new solid new top replica watch, depending on the material of the case, the silver or black sunburst dials are all used dials, we found a highly outstanding Cartier replica watches design-most importantly, the Arabic numerals and scales are in alternating hours The location is different from the typical use of Roman numerals in most Cartier watches. The platinum version of the solid-state dial TankAsymétrique replica takes this design one step further by using the applied markings, while the two gold versions opt for printed markings. However, the watch still retains the traditional use of the hilt of the French jeweler. Although its design is unconventional, it still has an obvious “Cartier” appearance.

The luxury new TankAsymétrique replica series includes 6 different models: 3 solid dial models and 3 skeletonized versions. The solid dials are available in platinum, rose gold or yellow gold. Each dial has a sun dial, while the openwork models are available in rose gold, platinum or platinum with diamonds. Each case adopts the same overall design and is equipped with a 47.15 x 26.2 mm parallelogram shape case, and is equipped with unique triple lugs, corresponding leather strap and 30-degree rotating dial. As is common in all modern Cartier replica watches, each fake watch comes with a stylized crown with the brand’s flagship sapphire, rare ruby ​​or extremely unusual cabochon diamond.

Turning to the hollow version of perfect TankAsymétrique replica watches, we found a similar dial design, although it is clearly differentiated and improved in the more luxurious hollowing scheme. These models again use Arabic numerals and tick marks in the hour position-but here only two numbers are used at 12 o’clock and wee hours, and an enlarged font is used. All hour markers are printed with blue paint to match the blue cabochon or alligator leather blue strap on the crown. Towards the center of the dial is an internally inclined parallelogram shape, from which the hour hand pointer radiates, providing a good complement to the matching high quaitly replica watch case.