The First Omega Wrist – Chronograph Limited Edition With 1913 Retro Movement 18-inch CHRO Movement

Omega has just launched 18 new limited edition series, including the “First Omega Wrist-Chronograph” reference number 516. Unlike the new Omega Replica Watches that previously had a “retro-style” aesthetic, the First Omega wrist chronograph combines old and new components, including the very attractive repaired Omega 3018 calibre (the names of these newly repaired movements), originally in In 1913, the original names of these movements were also called 18″ ‘CHRO calibers, and each of the 18-piece sets looked slightly different due to their age and condition.

When the first event at Omega’s own Bill Museum in Switzerland was unveiled, the First Omega Wrist-Chronograph conference showed Omega’s revitalization of each movement inspired by the first watch chronograph. Hard work by the brand. The 105-year-old movement requires replacement parts and a lot of repairs and cleaning – and of course decoration. Omega points out that it believes that “every sport is unique” is a function of the refurbishment process. Omega Replica has actually refurbished the movement of their esteemed Omega Atelier Tourbillon division. This is a special area of ​​Omega, and some watchmakers will be trained to make Omega’s tourbillon timepieces. As far as I know, the same team is responsible for the 18″ ‘CHRO recovery project.

Often, Omega overuses presentations and packaging. Use the vintage Best Omega Replica Watches brand and a leather display case with tools and extra straps. Omega certainly knows how to showcase its limited edition models in a cute and compelling way. The first Omega Wrist-Chronograph limited edition 18″ ‘CHRO reference number 516. is priced at 120,000 Swiss francs. The watch is part of a limited edition of 18 pieces.